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Published Date
Bulletin COR 17-049: FHA Loan Limits Announced 12/22/2017
Bulletin COR 17-048: Important Information on Texas 50(a)(6) Loans Originated in 2018 12/15/2017
Bulletin COR 17-047: VA Loan Limits Announced 12/15/2017
Bulletin COR 17-046: New Agency 5/5 ARM Product and Student Loan Cash-Out Refinance Feature 12/15/2017
Bulletin COR 17-045: Agency Student Loan, Contingent Liabilities, and Appraisal Related Revisions 12/15/2017
Bulletin COR 17-044: Agency 2018 Loan Limits and New Minimum Key Loan Limit Announced 12/6/2017
Bulletin COR 17-043: Agency Condominium, Appraisal, and Other Revisions 12/1/2017
Bulletin COR 17-042: SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. Provides Compliance Guideline Clarity 12/1/2017
Bulletin COR 17-041: LPA Automates Multiple Financed Properties Required Reserves 11/17/2017
Bulletin COR 17-040: Agency LPA Rental Income, Accessory Unit, and Other Revisions 11/17/2017
Bulletin COR 17-039: Netting Escrow References Removed 11/3/2017
Bulletin COR 17-038: DU Refi PlusTM Application Date Extension 9/29/2017
Bulletin COR 17-037: Freddie Mac's LPA Automated Collateral Evaluation Now Eligible 9/29/2017
Bulletin COR 17-036: Correspondent Seller Guide Updated for UCD and HMDA 9/22/2017
Bulletin COR 17-035: Clarification to DTI for Key Loan Two-Closing CP Loans 8/30/2017
Bulletin COR 17-034: PIWs, Alimony, Employment Contracts, and Other Agency Revisions 9/1/2017
Bulletin COR 17-033: Improved Loan Delivery Requirements and Other Revisions 9/1/2017
Bulletin COR 17-032: Validation of Parties 9/1/2017
Bulletin COR 17-031: Key Loan Program Condo Presale Requirements Improved 8/18/2017
Bulletin COR 17-030: Key Loan Program Improved 8/18/2017
Bulletin COR 17-029: Agency ARM LTV Enhancements and Other Revisions 8/11/2017
Bulletin COR 17-028: Refreshed Geocoder for CRA Pricing Incentive 8/4/2017
Bulletin COR 17-027: Correspondent Division Updates and Other Revisions 7/28/2017
Bulletin COR 17-026: DU 10.1 Release and Other Agency Revisions 7/28/2017
Bulletin COR 17-025: DU 10.1 Release and Other Agency Revisions 7/21/2017
Bulletin COR 17-024: HomeReady 2017 Income Limits 7/7/2017
Bulletin COR 17-023: Agency Condominium/PUD Insurance and Other Revisions 6/30/2017
Bulletin COR 17-022: Debt Paid by Others LPA Clarification 6/20/2017
Bulletin COR 17-021: Key Loan Disaster Area Guidelines 6/23/2017
Bulletin COR 17-020: Agency Student Loan Solutions and Other Revisions 6/9/2017
Bulletin COR 17-019: Day 1 Certainty Alignment and Other Agency Revisions 5/26/2017
Bulletin COR 17-018: HomeReady and Home Possible Mortgages Now Available! 5/26/2017
Bulletin COR 17-017: Agency Asset, Income, and Other Guideline Revisions 4/21/2017
Bulletin COR 17-016: Agency Asset and Income Guideline Revisions 4/14/2017
Bulletin COR 17-015: Correspondent Fee and Division Updates 4/7/2017
Bulletin COR 17-014: Private Transfer Fee Covenants for Key Loans 4/7/2017
Bulletin COR 17-013: Coming Soon: Agency Income and Asset Guideline Revisions 4/7/2017
Bulletin COR 17-012: Overlay Relief for VA Loans 3/24/2017
Bulletin COR 17-011: Agency Appraisal Enhancements 3/24/2017
Bulletin COR 17-010: Agency Overlay Relief and DU Validation Service Alignment 3/17/2017
Bulletin COR 17-009: Agency Guideline Revisions 3/3/2017
Bulletin COR 17-008: Financed MI Now Eligible on Agency Loans 3/3/2017
Bulletin COR 17-007: Elimination of Adjustable Rate Mortgage Change Date Charts 3/3/2017
Bulletin COR 17-006: Jumbo Loan Amount for VA Loans 3/3/2017
Bulletin COR 17-005: Section 8 (Housing Choice Voucher Program) Income 2/16/2017
Bulletin COR 17-004: Agency PACE Payoff, Appraisal Analysis, and Other Property Related Revisions 2/10/2017
Bulletin COR 17-003: Information Provided to Appraisers and Property Value Enforcement Relief 1/20/2017
Bulletin COR 17-002: Key Loan Transactions Involving PACE Loans 1/20/2017
Bulletin COR 17-001: New FHA Annual Mortgage Insurance Premiums 1/13/2017
Published Date
Bulletin COR 16-044: Fannie Mae PIW and PFW Fee Retirement 12/23/2016
Bulletin COR 16-043: FHA and VA Loan Limits Announced 12/16/2016
Bulletin COR 16-042: Fannie Mae DU Validation Service and Agency Plus 2017 Loan Limits 12/16/2016
Bulletin COR 16-041: VA Overlay Relief and Abbreviated Seller Guide 12/16/2016
Bulletin COR 16-040: DU 10.0 Release, Day 1 Certainty, and Other Agency Revisions 12/9/2016
Bulletin COR 16-039: Agency 2017 Loan Limits and New Minimum Key Loan Limit Announced 12/7/2016
Bulletin COR 16-038: New Lock Cut-off Time 12/2/2016
Bulletin COR 16-037: DU 10.0 Release, Day 1 Certainty, and Other Agency Revisions 12/2/2016
Bulletin COR 16-036: Revised Virginia Automatic Subordination Guidance 12/2/2016
Bulletin COR 16-035: FHA and Property Eligibility and Insurance Revisions 11/18/2016
Bulletin COR 16-034: Streamlined Income Validation for Key and VA Loans 11/10/2016
Bulletin COR 16-033: PACE Financing for FHA and VA Loans 10/21/2016
Bulletin COR 16-032: Support Team Contacts and Form Updates 10/21/2016
Bulletin COR 16-031: Agency Property and Flood Insurance and Other Revisions 10/21/2016
Bulletin COR 16-030: Simplified Sales Contract Guidance 10/21/2016
Bulletin COR 16-029: Agency Self-Employed, Schedule K-1 Income and Other Revisions 9/30/2016
Bulletin COR 16-028: FHA Overlay Relief and Streamline Expansion! 9/23/2016
Bulletin COR 16-027: DU 10.0 Release and Other Agency Revisions 9/23/2016
Bulletin COR 16-026: DU 10.0 Release and Other Agency Revisions 9/16/2016
Bulletin COR 16-025: Agency Overlay Relief! 9/2/2016
Bulletin COR 16-024: New Lock, Rate and Price Cut-off Time for Key Loans 8/5/2016
Bulletin COR 16-023: New Rate Relock Pricing Adjustments 8/5/2016
Bulletin COR 16-022: New Addendum to URLA (HUD 92900-A) for FHA Loans 7/29/2016
Bulletin COR 16-021: Agency Student Loan Debt and Other Revisions 7/15/2016
Bulletin COR 16-020: Jumbo Solution Second Mortgage Loan Program Suspended 7/1/2016
Bulletin COR 16-019: Agency Multiple Financed Properties Revisions and Upcoming LP Name Change 7/1/2016
Bulletin COR 16-018: Submit FHA Appraisals Through EAD Portal 6/24/2016
Bulletin COR 16-017: Unreimbursed Business Expense Considerations for VA 6/3/2016
Bulletin COR 16-016: Overlay Relief for Veterans Administration Loans 6/3/2016
Bulletin COR 16-015: Correspondent Division Updates and Other Revisions 5/20/2016
Bulletin COR 16-014: Agency and Agency Plus LP LTV Enhancements and Other Revisions 5/20/2016
Bulletin COR 16-013: Signature Requirements for Loan Applications 5/20/2016
Bulletin COR 16-012: Validation of Parties and Other Revisions 4/29/2016
Bulletin COR 16-011: DU Property Inspection Waiver Update 4/15/2016
Bulletin COR 16-010: Adjustable Rate Mortgage Change Date Charts 3/25/2016
Bulletin COR 16-009: Elimination of Financed MI on Agency Loans 3/18/2016
Bulletin COR 16-008: Date Change on Declining Market Index 3/11/2016
Bulletin COR 16-007: Agency Condominium and Other Revisions 2/26/2016
Bulletin COR 16-006: New Addition to the Correspondent Seller Guide 2/12/2016
Bulletin COR 16-005: SunTrust Mortgage Improves Underwriting Delegation Levels 1/29/2016
Bulletin COR 16-004: 75-Day Lock-in Term Available! 1/29/2016
Bulletin COR 16-003: Agency Plus Enhancements, Agency 97%, and More Overlay Relief 1/29/2016
Bulletin COR 16-002: FHA Modifies Condo Project Approval Guidelines 1/29/2016
Bulletin COR 16-001: Virginia Automatic Subordinations Eligibility 1/8/2016
Published Date
Bulletin COR 15-059: Escrows for Properties Requiring Flood Insurance 12/31/2015
Bulletin COR 15-058: VA County Loan Limits for 2016 12/31/2015
Bulletin COR 15-057: 2016 CFPB Threshold Adjustments 12/31/2015
Bulletin COR 15-056: FHA Loan Limits for 2016 12/18/2015
Bulletin COR 15-055: Help Prevent Occupancy Misrepresentation 12/18/2015
Bulletin COR 15-054: Agency 2016 Loan Limits Announced 12/18/2015
Bulletin COR 15-053: DU Version 9.3 Release and Upcoming Agency Plus Enhancements 12/11/2015
Bulletin COR 15-052: DU Version 9.3 Release and Upcoming Agency Plus Enhancements 12/4/2015
Bulletin COR 15-051: VA Messaging Changes in Loan Prospector 11/20/2015
Bulletin COR 15-050: Agency Revisions and Additional Overlay Relief 11/13/2015
Bulletin COR 15-049: Submit Appraisals Via CMS 10/30/2015
Bulletin COR 15-048: Additional Clarity Provided on FHA Loans 10/30/2015
Bulletin COR 15-047: PayMap Removed from Bi-Weekly Loan Program(sm) 10/23/2015
Bulletin COR 15-046: Agency Self-Employed Income and Other Revisions 10/23/2015
Bulletin COR 15-045: GNND Incentive Program Not Adopted at this Time 10/16/2015
Bulletin COR 15-044: Terminology Changes for TRID Rule 10/2/2015
Bulletin COR 15-043: Agency Revisions and Additional Overlay Relief 9/25/2015
Bulletin COR 15-042: New FHA Handbook for Case Numbers Assigned Monday 9/11/2015
Bulletin COR 15-041: New FHA 4000.1 Handbook Coming Soon! 8/28/2015
Bulletin COR 15-040: Support Team Contacts and Non-Delegated Updates 8/21/2015
Bulletin COR 15-039: DU 9.2 Release and Other Agency Revisions 8/14/2015
Bulletin COR 15-038: Seasoned Loan Guidelines Introduced 8/7/2015
Bulletin COR 15-037: Agency Enhancements 7/31/2015
Bulletin COR 15-036: The 2015 Adjustable Rate Mortgage Change Date Charts 7/17/2015
Bulletin COR 15-035: Secondary Financing and Other Guideline Revisions 7/17/2015
Bulletin COR 15-034: Additional VA Guidance for Contract Revisions 7/10/2015
Bulletin COR 15-033: Revolving Debt and Other Guideline Revisions 7/3/2015
Bulletin COR 15-032: Agency Texas Section 50(a)(6) Guidelines Improved! 6/26/2015
Bulletin COR 15-031: Delayed Financing Ineligible for Key Loan Program 6/19/2015
Bulletin COR 15-030: New SunTrust Portfolio Loan Lookup Tool Available 6/5/2015
Bulletin COR 15-029: Guidance for Rejected Transcript Requests 5/26/2015
Bulletin COR 15-028: New Bi-Weekly Payment Option Now Available 5/29/2015
Bulletin COR 15-027: Agency Revisions and Additional Overlay Relief 5/29/2015
Bulletin COR 15-026: Address for PMI/MIP Checks & Transfer of Servicing 5/8/2015
Bulletin COR 15-025: Maximum Allowable FEMA Flood Insurance Deductibles 5/8/2015
Bulletin COR 15-024: Agency Revisions and Additional Overlay Relief! 4/24/2015
Bulletin COR 15-023: Underwriting Submissions to SunTrust Mortgage by Delegated Lenders 4/13/2015
Bulletin COR 15-022: Interest Credit and Rate Lock Renegotiations 4/17/2015
Bulletin COR 15-021: DU 9.2 and Property Inspection Waiver Revisions 4/17/2015
Bulletin COR 15-020: Agency Loan Terms Aligned 4/3/2015
Bulletin COR 15-019: Electronic Signature Eligibility Expanded 3/27/2015
Bulletin COR 15-018: DO Online Registration Tool Moved 3/27/2015
Bulletin COR 15-017: Agency Self-Employed Income and Other Revisions 3/27/2015
Bulletin COR 15-015: New SunTrust Portfolio Loan Lookup Tool Available 3/6/2015
Bulletin COR 15-014: FHA Refinance Maximum Loan Amount Worksheet 3/6/2015
Bulletin COR 15-013: Agency Condominium/PUD Guideline and Other Updates 2/27/2015
Bulletin COR 15-012: Agency Revisions and Additional Overlay Relief! 2/27/2015
Bulletin COR 15-011: VA Clarifies Maximum Entitlement Calculation 2/13/2015
Bulletin COR 15-010: 2015 CFPB Threshold Adjustments 2/6/2015
Bulletin COR 15-009: Additional Agency Overlay Relief 1/30/2015
Bulletin COR 15-008: New FHA Annual Mortgage Insurance Premiums 1/23/2015
Bulletin COR 15-007: Acceptable Proof of Initial Flood Insurance 1/23/2015
Bulletin COR 15-006: FHA Case Number Cancellations Due to New Annual MIP 1/16/2015
Bulletin COR 15-005: ELD Tax Table Now Available! 1/16/2015
Bulletin COR 15-004: HUD Eliminates Post-Settlement Interest Charges 1/16/2015
Bulletin COR 15-003: Authorized Users and the Key Loan Program 1/16/2015
Bulletin COR 15-002: VA Contracts, Compliance and Value Adjustments 1/9/2015
Bulletin COR 15-001: Various Key Loan Guideline Changes 1/9/2015
Published Date
Bulletin COR 14-123: FHA Temporary Property Flipping Waiver Expires 12/26/2014
Bulletin COR 14-122: 2015 VA County Loan Limits 12/26/2014
Bulletin COR 14-121: 2015 FHA Maximum Loan Limits 12/26/2014
Bulletin COR 14-120: Florida Hurricane Assessment Terminated 12/26/2014
Bulletin COR 14-119: Agency 2015 Loan Limits Announced 12/26/2014
Bulletin COR 14-118: Revised Wood Destroying Insect Information 12/26/2014
Bulletin COR 14-117: Current CRA Maximum Income Limits Provided 12/19/2014
Bulletin COR 14-116: VA Jumbo AUS Approval Requires No Comp Factors 12/19/2014
Bulletin COR 14-115: VA Caps Maximum Credit Report Fees 12/12/2014
Bulletin COR 14-114: Extended Temporary FHA Condo Approval Guidelines 12/12/2014
Bulletin COR 14-113: DU Version 9.2 Release and Other Agency Revisions 12/12/2014
Bulletin COR 14-112: VA Loans Classified as HPML Acceptable 12/5/2014
Bulletin COR 14-111: Coming Soon: Fannie Mae DU Version 9.2 12/5/2014
Bulletin COR 14-110: VA Allows Existing Model Home Comparables 12/5/2014
Bulletin COR 14-109: Elimination of the VA PUD Certification Form 12/5/2014
Bulletin COR 14-108: Agency Revisions and Other Guideline Improvements 11/28/2014
Bulletin COR 14-107: SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. Increases Underwriting Fee 11/7/2014
Bulletin COR 14-106: Key Loan Program Guidelines Stand Alone 11/28/2014
Bulletin COR 14-105: Support Team Contacts 11/7/2014
Bulletin COR 14-104: Nonprofit Entities Providing 2nds on FHA Loans 10/31/2014
Bulletin COR 14-103: New SunTrust Portfolio Loan Lookup Tool Available 10/24/2014
Bulletin COR 14-102: Locking a Key Loan Program Transaction? 10/17/2014
Bulletin COR 14-101: VA Reduces Validity Period for Certain NOVs 10/10/2014
Bulletin COR 14-100: Appraisal Requirements on the Key Loan Program 10/3/2014
Bulletin COR 14-099: Enhancements to Rent Loss Insurance Requirements 10/3/2014
Bulletin COR 14-098: MO Lenders Required to Provide NMLS ID in October 9/19/2014
Bulletin COR 14-097: Derogatory Credit Events and Retirement of SFCs 9/19/2014
Bulletin COR 14-096: Submission Checklists Improved 9/12/2014
Bulletin COR 14-095: Elimination of Fee Compliance Inspections for VA 9/12/2014
Bulletin COR 14-094: Elimination of Warehouse Lending Disclosure Form 9/5/2014
Bulletin COR 14-093: Important Disaster Area Guidelines to Remember 8/29/2014
Bulletin COR 14-092: Enhanced Large Deposit Requirements 8/29/2014
Bulletin COR 14-091: Electronic Form Completion Now Available 8/29/2014
Bulletin COR 14-090: ITIN In Lieu of SSN Not Permitted 8/29/2014
Bulletin COR 14-089: Flood Insurance Requirements for Condos in SFHAs 8/29/2014
Bulletin COR 14-088: Appraisal and Property Eligibility Revisions 8/29/2014
Bulletin COR 14-087: FHA Data Entry Requirements for Gifts in DU® 8/22/2014
Bulletin COR 14-086: HUD Clarifies FHA Manual Underwriting Guidelines 8/15/2014
Bulletin COR 14-085: DU 9.1 Revisions and Other Agency Enhancements 8/15/2014
Bulletin COR 14-084: DU 9.1 Revisions and Other Agency Enhancements 8/8/2014
Bulletin COR 14-083: Closed Loan Delivery Guideline Clarity 8/1/2014
Bulletin COR 14-082: DU Changes for VA Loans Implemented 8/1/2014
Bulletin COR 14-081: Guidelines Now Reflect the Emerging Banker 7/25/2014
Bulletin COR 14-080: SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. POS Pricing Controls 7/25/2014
Bulletin COR 14-078: New SunTrust Portfolio Loan Lookup Tool Available 7/25/2014
Bulletin COR 14-077: Homeownership Counseling Disclosure 7/18/2014
Bulletin COR 14-076: 5/2/5 Caps Ineligible for Agency 5/1 ARMs in LP 7/18/2014
Bulletin COR 14-075: Student Housing: Second Home or Investment? 7/11/2014
Bulletin COR 14-074: New Appraisal Format for VA and Conventional Loans 7/11/2014
Bulletin COR 14-073: Qualified Mortgage Points and Fees Caps Specified 7/3/2014
Bulletin COR 14-072: SunTrust Accepts CMG/Arch MI Certificates 6/27/2014
Bulletin COR 14-071: Elimination of ePurchase Agreement Form 6/27/2014
Bulletin COR 14-070: Delivery of VA Repair Inspections 6/27/2014
Bulletin COR 14-069: SunTrust Revises Guideline Titles 6/20/2014
Bulletin COR 14-068: Deliver Files and Documents Electronically 6/20/2014
Bulletin COR 14-067: Agency Enhancements are Now Available 6/20/2014
Bulletin COR 14-066: Assumptions for Agency, Key, and FHA 6/20/2014
Bulletin COR 14-065: Delivery of Appraisals and Other Valuations 6/13/2014
Bulletin COR 14-064: Agency LP Minimum Credit Score Requirement Aligned 6/6/2014
Bulletin COR 14-063: SunTrust Mortgage Declining Market Index Enhanced! 6/6/2014
Bulletin COR 14-062: Key Loan and Financed Properties Guideline Clarity 6/6/2014
Bulletin COR 14-061: Short Form Title Policy Guidance Amended 5/30/2014
Bulletin COR 14-060: SunTrust Employee Loans Ineligible for Purchase 5/30/2014
Bulletin COR 14-059: Improved Agency and Agency Plus Loan Eligibility 5/30/2014
Bulletin COR 14-058: New E-mail Address for CRA Verification Form 5/23/2014
Bulletin COR 14-057: Underwriter Availability and Division Updates 5/23/2014
Bulletin COR 14-056: NMLSR ID Numbers on Notes and Security Instruments 5/16/2014
Bulletin COR 14-055: Enhanced Gift Eligibility 5/16/2014
Bulletin COR 14-054: Documentation Provided to Appraisers 5/16/2014
Bulletin COR 14-053: LP PIAs and 2070s Eliminated 5/16/2014
Bulletin COR 14-052: New SunTrust Portfolio Loan Lookup Tool Available 5/9/2014
Bulletin COR 14-051: Enhancements Provide Clarity to Conventional Loans 5/9/2014
Bulletin COR 14-050: Capital Gains Income Is an Unacceptable Source of Income on the Key Loan Program and the Jumbo Solution Second Mortgage Program 5/2/2014
Bulletin COR 14-049: First-time Homebuyer Escrow Waiver Eligibility Changes 5/2/2014
Bulletin COR 14-048: Higher Priced Mortgage Loans Now Allowed on FHA Transactions 5/2/2014
Bulletin COR 14-047: SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. Adjusts the Extended Lock-In Options 4/25/2014
Bulletin COR 14-046: Multiple FHA Guideline Changes for Manually Underwritten Transactions 4/18/2014
Bulletin COR 14-045: Cash Reserve Requirements for Key Loan Program 4/18/2014
Bulletin COR 14-044: Asset and Retirement Accounts Toward Cash Reserves Clarifications for Key Loan Program 4/18/2014
Bulletin COR 14-043: The 2014 Adjustable Rate Mortgage Change Date Charts 4/18/2014
Bulletin COR 14-042: Revisions to Various Asset, Credit, and Income Guidelines for the Key Loan Program and Jumbo Solution Second Mortgage Program 4/18/2014
Bulletin COR 14-041: Submission of Conventional Loan Appraisal Reports to SunTrust Mortgage for Underwriting 4/11/2014
Bulletin COR 14-040: Elimination of Real Estate Taxes Due at Settlement when Tax Escrows Waived 4/11/2014
Bulletin COR 14-039: Clarifications for Flood Insurance Escrows and Updates to Payments on Hazard Insurance 4/11/2014
Bulletin COR 14-038: Enhancements to Jumbo Solution Second Mortgage and Key Loan Program Tradeline Requirements 4/4/2014
Bulletin COR 14-037: Principal Curtailment Requirements Change 4/4/2014
Bulletin COR 14-036: New 2014 VA County Loan Limits 3/21/2014
Bulletin COR 14-035: Rate Renegotiation Guidelines Now Available in the Correspondent Seller Guide 3/21/2014
Bulletin COR 14-034: VA Rate-Term Refinance Transactions with a Loan-to-Value Greater than 90% 3/21/2014
Bulletin COR 14-033: Collecting PIW, PFW, and PIA Fees 3/21/2014
Bulletin COR 14-032: Key Loan Program Guideline Clarity for Co-Signed Debt Requirements 3/14/2014
Bulletin COR 14-031: Do You Have Questions About CFPB Regulatory Changes? 3/7/2014
Bulletin COR 14-030: Revised Project Eligibility Requirement for Conventional Loans Regarding Common Expense Assessments 3/7/2014
Bulletin COR 14-029: Additional Guidance for Insured Closing Protection Letters 3/7/2014
Bulletin COR 14-028: Loan Delivery Rewards, Pended Loan Fee Details, and Courier Fee Elimination 2/28/2014
Bulletin COR 14-027: Lender ID Requirements on the Flood Determination 2/28/2014
Bulletin COR 14-026: New Address and Fax Number for the SunTrust Mortgage Condominium Department 2/21/2014
Bulletin COR 14-025: Updated SunTrust Portfolio Loan Lookup Tool for Key Loan Program 2/21/2014
Bulletin COR 14-024: SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. Provides Guidelines Clarity 2/14/2014
Bulletin COR 14-023: SunTrust Mortgage Provides Additional Information on Compliance Issues 2/14/2014
Bulletin COR 14-022: The Correspondent Division Expands Underwriter Phone Availability and Revises Contacts 2/14/2014
Bulletin COR 14-021: Clarifications Regarding Transactions in the State of Texas 2/7/2014
Bulletin COR 14-020 : Existing Loan Eligibility and Appraisal Requirement Revisions for DU Refi Plus™ 2/7/2014
Bulletin COR 14-019: Clarifications to Appraisal Guidelines for Conventional Loans 2/7/2014
Bulletin COR 14-017: Agency Underwriting Guideline Revisions Provide Clarity and Better Alignment with Investor Requirements 2/7/2014
Bulletin COR 14-016: Changes to Acceptability of Subordinate Financing with a Prepayment Penalty 1/24/2014
Bulletin COR 14-015: 2014 VA County Loan Limits 1/24/2014
Bulletin COR 14-014: VA Water and Sewer Connection Requirements 1/24/2014
Bulletin COR 14-013: Clarified APR Threshold for FHA Safe Harbor Qualified Mortgages 1/17/2014
Bulletin COR 14-012: National MI Now Eligible as a Mortgage Insurance Provider 1/17/2014
Bulletin COR 14-011: SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. Updates Appraisal Guidelines Due to CFPB Regulations 1/17/2014
Bulletin COR 14-010: SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. Will Only Purchase FHA Safe Harbor Qualified Mortgages 1/10/2014
Bulletin COR 14-009: The Ability-to-Repay Rule Now Used to Determine a Qualified Mortgage 1/10/2014
Bulletin COR 14-008: Multiple CFPB Single-Closing and Two-Closing Construction Lending Changes 1/10/2014
Bulletin COR 14-007 : Agency Credit Overlay Matrix Adjusted for Investment Property Transactions 1/10/2014
Bulletin COR 14-006: Multiple Guideline Changes to Key Loan Program for CFPB Appendix Q Requirements 1/10/2014
Bulletin COR 14-005: New CFPB Requirements Effective January 10, 2014 1/10/2014
Bulletin COR 14-004: Revisions to Points and Fees Limitations for Agency Loan Transactions 1/10/2014
Bulletin COR 14-003: FHA Higher Priced Mortgage Loans Exception Expiring 1/3/2014
Bulletin COR 14-002: Clarification to Agency Texas Section 50(a)(6) Cash-Out Refinances 1/3/2014
Bulletin COR 14-001: Clarification to Appraisal Requirements for the Key Loan Program 1/3/2014