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    Publication Date
Flash #052-C: New AUS Help Desk Hours 3/26/2000
Flash #054-C: DO/DU Billing Changes 12/27/2000
Flash #188-C: Ineligibility of Fannie Mae's DU Expanded Approval Program 4/2/2002
Flash C02-04: Attachment to Flash 02-04 4/2/2002
Flash C02-04: Updated Data Input Charts for DO/DU on the Web 8/10/2007
Flash C02-21: Update to "Back-End" Issues with DO/DU 7/11/2002
FLash C02-33: Comparison of Underwriting Differences for AUS 12/3/2002
Flash C02-42: Freddie Mac's Loan Prospector 2/21/2003